Know Before You Go; Paris Trip Tips!

We are always ready to get there already after booking and  sometimes we miss some key details that can alleviate some of the should’ve, could’ve, would’ve  of traveling.

smart traveler

Register with the department of homeland security or embassy that you are going out the country .The US government has made the process painless through its steps program.

The recent events in Paris are a testament to how important this is. I luckily left the week prior to all hell breaking loose.

Bottom line is someone needs to know you are there  incase of an emergency !



Money Money  Money!

Exchange your currency prior to going on your trip. It will save  you tons in exchange rate fees in the long run.You can convert your money at your local bank branch. I bank with Chase and was able to walk in and get Euros prior to my trip with no fees.

If you are hesitant because you do not want to get stuck with the currency you are exchanging , the bank will again convert your currency back to dollars at no charge.

Know your exchange rates and download a currency converter App.

Paris is Expensive!! A theme I keep repeating. Do as much research as possible prior to going so that you may have a great time without breaking the bank. Unfortunately I learned this lesson and can now pass it on to you, unless your a baller which I am not I like my vacations to be budget friendly.

When in France


CDG Airport is a very busy airport with that in consideration please be prepared to do lots of walking. Plan ahead by visiting the CDG airport website and becoming familiar with the airport map it is extremely useful.

The commute to the city center of Paris is about a 30 to 45 min via taxi and about an hours via the metro. Taxis are about upward of 50 to 60 Euros.

A cheaper alternative to a taxi — Air France operates a  shuttle bus to various drop off locations. You can pay on the bus or purchase tickets online.  One way trip was about 17 Euros.


The Metro  is extremely easy to navigate and I took full advantage of it while in Paris. However using the machines to purchase a tickect can be a bit challenging for tourist.  Most machines only accept European credit cards or Euros. If you are adventurous use the machine if not most of the stations have a information booth where you can ask questions  and purchase a ticket.

A very useful App that  helped me navigate the subway was the Paris Metro App. It works when your phone is offline.

Seeing what you came to see

I was a typical tourist in Paris in a rush to see the places I have seen in pictures!

When it comes to seeing Paris there is a lot  to navigate and you may need a full two weeks to experience it all. In my case I only had 5 days  so my days were action packed and disappointly I was not able to experience some of the things that were at the top of my list.



queue(line) Palace Versailles

queue(line) Palace Versailles

The best advice I can give to you is that you should purchase your tickets and head of the line passes  prior to getting to Paris. While in Paris the lines(queues) are painfully long to purchase ticket and there is also a second queue after purchase to get in. This eats up a lot of your day and will limit the amount of places you can visit.

Trip Advisor City Guide App is the best you are able to use it navigate through the streets of Paris and the best part is that is that you do not need to be connected to the internet or Wi-Fi to use it.

Bon Voyage!









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