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Know Before You Go; Crete, Greece Trip Tips!

So i know from my last Tips you have already become a smart traveler and you have notified the government you are leaving the country!

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Booking Tips The best time to go to Crete is in the summer the weather is beautiful and everything is open. Crete heavily depends on its Tourist traffic for its local livelihood so during the winter most of the vendors and stores are closed, but the cheapest time to get to Crete is guessed it the winter.


An average ticket to Crete may cost upward average of $1500 from New York JFK for the summer. Book early for the best deals and if you want to get more bang for your buck pick a trip with a layover and head out side to catch a few hours of a new city before your connection.

I prefer a straight shot to Athens but that’s a matter of flight tolerance. My carrier of choice is Delta for my long hauls or any sky team airline because I am a sky miles member so i try to stick to an airline that will get me the most miles. NYC Greece is a 10HR flight. It’s quite long for someone who has got their miles club card as of yet.  You will have to connect in Athens for a Flight into Crete. The flight from Athens to Crete is short about an 1HR. The airport is small and they are infamous for losing luggage. Be careful with the size of your carry-on because once you get to Athens or land in Europe smaller airplanes lug space is a lot smaller and they will charge you a fee for checking your carry-on.



As always exchange your money prior to leaving to save on exchange rates. Greece like many of the european countries use Euros which for a very long time has had a higher value than then the dollar, thus dinning and doing fun things can get rather expensive. Because Crete is an island there are plenty of fun cheap things do that will not break your pockets as compared to larger european cities.



When Greece


Athens Airport is quite easy to navigate but always check the Airports website for easy maps to familiarize your self prior to arrival. If you have a layover in Athens they have places dedicated to holding your bags for a fee of course if you would like to head outside the airport to see Athens.

There is also a train in Athens that will take you into the city from the Airport. Please do not leave the Airport if you have less than 3 hours to connect to your next flight.

That is Athens we’re here for Crete……


I cannot stress enough how small the Airport in Crete is. You will definitely feel like you have journeyed back in time at the airport but have no fear that’s just the airport.Hang on to your bag tags you will probably need it, they lose luggage often it will get to you eventually.

At this point after arrival I usually pick up a rental care that is extremely inexpensive so i do suggest i you are visiting Crete to get the most of the island driving is recommended. No worries they drive on the same side as America…but be prepared to get a really small Eco friend car.  Rental usually averages around $560 dollars for a 2 week trip.

Taxis are available of course to take you to your destination.

Unfortunately because Crete is a small island unless you are in a restaurant ,hotel or near a bustling shopping center you will not have wi-fi at all times so apps for navigating are pretty useless. Speak to the locals and they will direct your path.

The Beauty !


Crete is such a Beautiful Place. Its full of mountains and steep hills that create a stunning view from every angle. when I am in Crete I stay in the town of Chania. Because I am there for work primarily I hang around Chania during the evenings going to the beautiful beaches and dining at the waterfront restaurants. I save my adventures for the weekend.

My last Trip to Crete turned out o be the best one yet. I was there with my best friend and another good friend of mine who was also there for work. My best Friend was celebrating her Birthday and we decided it would be a goo idea for her to come to Crete with us while we work. Our plans to head to Santorini for the weekend to celebrate and boy did we!

The location of Crete makes it the best place to get to beautiful places like Santorini and Mykonos for a good price. There are several highs ferries that operate out of Herakelon on Crete that will take you over to  the other islands. we choose to go to Santorini for the weekend and it was the most breath-taking place I have been to date.( more to follow on the Santorini blog). The point is you can get a lot of bang for your buck when you visit Crete by taking advantage of the nearby islands as well.


Ferry cost around 80 Euros per person for a business class cabin to Santorini and around 40 Euros for an economy class. The ferries are extremely clean and well maintained especially the first and business class cabins.


Greeks is full of history and Crete is no exception, but while Athen is a big fish when it come to architecture Crete has small nuggets! Crete is only for you if you enjoy the beach life and are ready and willing to get uncles and personal with the locals.

A small note about Accomidations Hotels in Europe are small period. with more recently renovated hotels they will have upgrades for bigger room but as with anything that gets better so does the price.


Crete simply put is a beach lovers Paradise. it will not disappoint !