Night Life 

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Duplex Night Club Paris

While in Paris my Friends and I wanted to partake in the night life experience so I engaged my concierge at my hotel and one of his recommendations was Duplex Night Club. There were plenty of others but for some reason trying to Party in paris on a Tuesday was not a popular idea. Most of the other recommended clubs were closed, so we took a chance on Duplex.

We had no idea what to expect but after getting pass the bouncers we took a stroll to the under ground hot spot and we were pleasantly surprised at the decor and the music. We rushed back to our hotel changed and went back after midnight. At this point there was a cover of 20 Euros each with two drink tickets( I find that really cool that with entry comes free drinks). Be ware the drinks are not top shelf and its like a market trying to get the bartenders attention. Club closes in the wee hours of he morning think 6AM but we left prior to closing. Music was a mixture of hip-hop, reggae, R&B and techno.

Overall Duplex was a blast!



So if you have gotten this far on the blog you are probably thinking, finally! she gets to the fashion. Paris is as fabulous as you can imagine in your head. everyone is well dressed and seem to be strutting to their own theme song down Champs Elysees Avenue, the most famous street in the world. Here on Champs Elysees avenue you find all the world most famous brands. As I stated prior I did not come to shop and I’m from New York so although I was in shopping heaven I was not tempted to, also the fact that things cost a lot more were enough to have me just be a window shopper in Paris!


Coiffeur Vintage Shop

Coiffeur Vintage Shop

I did however have plans to go vintage shopping. The Vintage shopping in Paris is a gift. I did lots of research before leaving and had a list of vintage stores I wanted to check out. I hailed a taxi in front of my hotel and mis-pronounced the name of the address, but none the less we were off. The traffic was horrendous and I kicked myself for not taking the metro. The vintage shop I visited was Coiffuer. It was really, I mean really small but was packed with customers picking through the pieces in an orderly fashion. My eyes were immediately drawn to the fur collars that were piled up in a basket and the fur coats that hung on the hangars. It was a shoppers dream. I left not purchasing anything because I had intentions of getting back there once I was united with my friends who flew in that day, but little did I know I would have been so short for time I would make it back.

Chic Traveling


I believe while traveling there should be a meeting point between fashion and comfort. while I do like to look chic while traveling during a long haul flight comfort is the ultimate objective. I always travel with a staple sweater or a shawl like scarf that can double as a blanket. Hats have been my thing lately and they work perfectly for traveling because after a night or 6 hours spent tossing and turning on a plane my hair is a absolute mess and a hat is a goo cover for still looking and feeling fabulous upon landing.


Nike Sky Hi Dunks ,Disco

Nike Sky Hi Dunks ,Disco

My Sky Hi dunks were my absolute favorite while in Paris. I was not aware of how truly comfortable they were until I had to walk a million miles in them in Paris. They were my go to walking shoes and they allowed me to still be comfortable and stylish at the same time. A win win! (check out my booty bomb 🙂