When in France Go Macaron!!!

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When in France one of the must have s is  a famous French Macaron. It was my first time trying a Macaron or for the English speakers Macaroon. It was super tasty and I was addicted immediately!

The best place to try a Macaron is the world famous bakery Laduree, they are world-renowned but other places are just as good.

                                                               A $27.00 Glass of Wine

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We stumbled upon  Fouquets  for dinner, At the time we had no idea that it was a famous restaurant for A list types, Diplomats and even Head of States. After getting some inside scoop from our waiter we realized we were in for quite a fancy and expensive dinner.

Ordered a glass of wine that cost 23 euros or $27.00, it was the cheapest thing on the menu and we sipped it very slowly with dinner.

                                                                      Small Plates..Big Bang

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The French love to create art with their dinner plates, the portions are small the displays            are beautiful and the taste is delicious.

                                                                                    Sweet Side of Paris 

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What more can I say ? the desserts in Paris did not disappoint.. lived up to all the fancy hype!