The Short:  My name Lisa  and I’m blogging to you from the coolest place on earth, Brooklyn, NY (ok , that may be up for debate).  I wear many hats. I am  a  U.S. Navy Chief, a  a Non-Profit Sector Employee and a World Traveler. I started this blog because I have always wanted to create a permanent  journal of my  travels that wasn’t captured through photography. In addition I’ve always loved writing and figured this was also a way to help me get back to my creative self and assist  everyday travelers like myself with deals, tips  and lessons learned through my experiences.

What this Blog is: candid, unfiltered, down to earth travel advice from my point view, sprinkled with a side of humor.  I aim to share my experiences from around the globe in hopes that you will extract information that is helpful in  planning your own  adventures.  I hope that through reading my blog each reader will realize that no matter how big or how small your budget, you can still experience the world!

What this Blog isn’t:  A fancy blog spoken from the perspective of a traveler with  no regards for budget, diversity or adventure. This blog  is not aimed at an audience who needs perfectly formulated sentences, no sense of humor and no appetite to explore the world.

P.S.  you may be wondering whats up with the chic part of the traveler… well I love to travel while looking fabulous and chic of course… Welcome and Enjoy!

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        No not at all! Thanks for liking my post. I’ve been around awhile I suppose but just recently am actually starting to check out other peoples blogs instead of keeping to myself 🙂 Osaka is a high recommendation!! 😀

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