Lost In Translation !


          It’s been a year since my last Blog! Its been quite an adventurous year and I’m so excited to get back to sharing my  travels with you. Where do I even begin?  Since my last blog I have visited 9 countries, earned my Masters and recently became a Chief Petty Officer in the Navy…quite a year right?

I have missed sharing my adventures with you and now that I have some free time, I plan to reminisce.  I’ll give you a quick highlight, and when i say highhlight….. that means pictures! I will follow up at a later date with the intricate details of  how to create your own future adventures in the places featured.

Lets just say this year I truly felt like Carmen Sandiego as I crisscrossed around the world. From the beautiful Caribbean to Europe and Africa. I was able to cross off many places that I have longed to visit, made a second stop in some of my favorite cities and even managed to visit a few places that weren’t quite at the top of my list.



First up was Mykonos, Greece. I am fortunate to get to Greece every year, but  was excited to finally make it to Mykonos, the party island, a reputation it most certainly lived up to.



Up next was the city of Athens. Although I have visited Greece many times, my final destination has always been the island of Crete, this was the first time I was able to explore Athens for more than just a few hours on a layover. Athens was a beautiful historical experience.



A short stop in London created some amazing memories. Then I was off to Reykjavik Iceland. From the beautiful blue lagoon, the northern lights and interesting food choices this was definitely  one of my most memorable trips of 2016.



Geyser, Iceland

Then came my usual birthday celebration where I chose to go solo to the beautiful Cayman islands. I was shown the island in a day by a cousin I met for the first time while there!


7 Mile Beach, Cayman Islands

However the real highlight of my travels this year was my graduation celebration.  Myself and  4 of my friends decided to do an epic euro trip titled #lsummer16.  This was by far my best travel venture to date.


Duomo, Milan














We started  our trip in Milan, made a day out of Venice, then caught a redeye to Morocco where we spent my best friend’s birthday getting a true taste of Morocco culture. Redeye’s seemed to be an every other day occurrence, as  we were off to Barcelona where we ate tapas and explored the amazing architecture… and you     guessed it found ourselves on  another redeye back to














Milan for a one night affair. We then caught an afternoon flight to Paris. Paris,  one  of my favorite cities, second to my hometown of New York, was amazing as always and after a beautiful time spent there, we ventured to Rome for a day, then  back  to Milan before heading home. Sounds like an exhausting adventure? your right it was, but it was more



than worth it! I came back just in time to find out I was selected to become a Chief  in the Navy, and cried when I realized I had to give up my entire summer to get through the selection process. But, oh  how  sweet it was,to get through the process and jump on a flight to Curacao,  for some well needed relaxation in the sun.




I am happy to be back and I cannot wait to fill you in on my crazy world wind adventures of 2016!

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