Cabo San Lucas


I’ve been away for a little while. Between Grad school and work I haven’t been able to be as committed to updating my blog as frequently as I would like to and I promise to do better, so with the pleasantries out of the way lets talk about, Cabo San Lucas.

As I’ve  mentioned in my blogs my friends  and I live for traveling. We celebrate everything and anything that gives us a reason to  pack our bags and board a plane. On this occasion we were celebrating my best friend graduating with her masters. Any one that has been through a graduate program knows its a tremendous amount of sacrifice that leaves you exhausted. My best friend  did not want a trip that would involve her spending her days  being too active. We were looking for an escape that was relaxing, tranquil, included lots of drinks and Cabo  San Lucas was the perfect destination! It has also always been on my list of places to go.

Graduate,Masters Class of 2015,

Graduate,Masters Class of 2015,

As much as I have traveled I have never been to Mexico and I was always curious about the fabulous city of Cabo. This blog will be short and sweet as I spent most of my days lazily by the pool with a drink in my hand and I can’t see you being that interested in the different color bikini’s I wore.Lets Dive into the details

The Logistics:

Now one of the things that you must keep in mind in the logistical stages of your trip planning is that you must leave no rock unturned when it comes to getting a good deal. Just because you got a good deal last time from a certain website doesn’t mean this time it’s the best deal. You have to be committed to dedicating a few hours of your time to researching a variety of sites and options. If and when you come across a deal that you believe is a great deal book it right away! You will always regret not doing so.

Hotel & Flight:

Riu Santa Fe

Riu Santa Fe

This trip was booked through We wanted to do an all-inclusive package something I’m not really a big fan of but figured it was not a bad idea since we planned to spend most of our time at the resort relaxing( the reason I’m not a fan of all-inclusive is the food is never great and the drinks are never strong).


We settled with a really great deal for the Rui Santa Fe. It was a beautiful resort with an amazing  infinity pool with a view. The hospitality of the hotel was great and the rooms were a good size and nicely furnished. The hotel is about a 45 minutes ride from the airport and a 15 minutes ride from the town center. There are plenty of taxi’s at the airport to take you to your hotel but if you are  particular planner like myself, you will want to have it all pre arranged. I booked my transport to and from the airport via A few of my friends needed to book at the airport and it was sill quite simple. The cost was around $17.00 each way. Yes U.S. dollars.

We flew American Airlines as that was included in the package.(American is not one of my favorites by the way but a deal is a deal). One of the issues you will run into if you are flying from the North East to Cabo is that there are no direct flights to Cabo and depending on your connections, what should be a 4 hours trip can easily turn into 13hours. Fortunately I was able to get a connection through Chicago that was only a one hour layover for both departure and return legs of my flights.



Because we were doing all inclusive and I knew I would literally have an endless amount of food and drinks I didn’t do my usual ritual of changing my currency prior to leaving instead I just carried American dollars with me as it’s widely accepted and used in Mexico but keep in mind you will get Peso as your change.


I know everyone hear all inclusive and assume they are going to get  a serious buzz  all day from the unlimited drinks..wrong! The drinks at an  all inclusive resorts are usually bottom self non premium liquor and therefore not as impactful. The drinks are also usually very sweet and melt within two seconds. Now I’m not saying all resorts have terrible drinks but most do when its free. Do yourself a favor and take advantage of duty free liquor. Get yourself some premium liquor because unless you pay for it or go to a non resort bar that is not what you will be getting at the resort.

The food, lets just say its  better looking than it taste. While the food wasn’t disgusting we found ourselves picking through our food to find a particular thing we really liked. Breakfast was most certainly the best meal of the day.

Sipping and Lounging

Sipping and Lounging

Most all inclusive resorts do have specialty restaurants  but you must make reservations for the week in advance. Do it at check in or you will have a tough time getting into the place you would really like to try.



We did venture into the town   to eat and shop with the locals while there. There are plenty of small markets that you can buy souvenirs and plenty of local restaurants. There is also a really big high end mall in the downtown area. Please do not buy the first thing you see. They are very receptive to you bargaining for a good price and someone is always willing to sell  the same thing for a cheaper price. We ate at a small taco shop and the tacos were ok but not quite the Mexican food moment I expected but what’s the point of travel if you don’t venture out to see the people, eat the food and partake in the culture.

Taco Tasting ,Town Center Cabo

Taco Tasting ,Town Center Cabo


People watching

People Watching

If you have ever been to Mexico and even if you have not beware and make sure that you keep your wits about you. Although Cabo is a really luxurious part of Mexico there is always a potential for danger. Do not accept anything from anyone and be mindful that because Mexico has a huge illegal drugs market you may get approached and offered the opportunity to buy and do such things.

Resort Beach Los Cabos

Resort Beach Los Cabos

Overall I had a very relaxing trip and I would recommend Cabo to anyone looking for a good group getaway especially if you are looking for a luxurious relaxing trip. There are clubs and plenty of action in Cabo but I wasn’t there for that kind of scene so I cannot give too much details on the night life! It was a fun experience but was a welcomed departure from my usual active and adventurous trips I usually partake in.

As always thanks for reading and see you on my next adventure!

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