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Now that I have gotten my feet wet with my first post I have a lot of ground to makeup. I debated for a while if I wanted to go back in the travel archives and review all the counties I have been to and against my sane judgment I decided I wanted to share as much as possible, so without further a-due let’s get started!

First up Crete ,Greece.  Crete is a beautiful island in Greece that I have had the pleasure of visiting  for the past two summers and a few times before years ago. As I mentioned in my about me, my career choice has afforded me the opportunity to travel the world but what I love about my time in the Navy is that I get to visit unique places like Crete that the tourist crowd hasn’t quite caught on to yet.  Many bloggers have covered the recent takeover of Santorini, Greece but not many know of Crete. Crete is the largest and most populous of the Greek islands, the fifth-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea.

Elafonisi Beach, Crete

Elafonisi Beach, Crete


The Logistics: I’m usually in Crete for work for 2 weeks in the summer so fortunately for me this is an expense paid trip( I know right)! However a plane ticket to  Crete in the middle of the summer can average upward of $1500.

I fly from JFK non-stop to Athens. Because Crete is an island, I have to transfer in Athens to a smaller aircraft for a 1HR hop over. As far as hotel, I book at least a month in advance . The last hotel I stayed at in Crete was the Samaria Hotel. The Samaria  was newly renovated and I think it will be my go to spot for this year as well. Athens airport is fairly easy to navigate so I had no issues with my connection. Crete has a really small airport and I do mean small, as in one runway, one baggage claim cannot get lost small.



For the past two years I have visited Crete either in June or July which is the height of the summer season. I stay in Chania (do not pronounce the H).  Chania is  beautiful in the summer. The beaches are gorgeous  with turquoise waters and white sand. The food is delicious and street food like the Gyros(the G is pronounced as an H or pronounced like  Euro) are a staple to die for. Tourist flock to the Chania Market waterfront Restaurants at night for late dinner and drinks.

Chania Waterfront

Chania Waterfront


The summer is the busiest time to visit Crete because many European tourist escape here on their very long summer vacations. Hotels are often booked far in advance.The   streets are lively and bustling with life throughout the day and night.


The best things to do in Crete are shopping for unique jewelry, handmade leather pieces which includes handbags and sandals and other beautiful trinkets. The  jewel of visiting Crete are the beaches, in particular Elafonisi beach. Elafonisi beach is a pink sand beach in the Mediterranean sea with the most gorgeous crystal clear water ones’ eyes have ever seen. This beach has been ranked on the top 10 list of beaches to visit in Europe. The geography in Crete is filled with grand mountains which results in views to die for.


The coolest thing about Crete is that you can take a high-speed boat Ferry to Santorini, Mykonos and Paros. The Ferries are a bit old school when it comes to flexibility. They only depart and return at specific  times in the morning and return in the evenings. Miss the boat back to Crete and  your stuck in Santorini for the night , (oh my , the disaster of being stuck in Santorini) but I will save that for the Santorini review.

Elafonisi Beach , Crete

Elafonisi Beach , Crete

Crete is a beautiful place in Greece and I hope I have peaked your interest to visit !

Lisa’s Nugget: Visit individual pages up top for a more detailed review of the food, shopping, things to do, tips and awesome photos of Crete.

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    I love the photos. I am an avid traveler who needs to rekindle the flame. Travel helps a person to connect with different people other than their regular hometown people. Also, it offers adventure that can be preserved with photos. Enjoy life and your travel adventures. I believe that work without fun can make you a dull person (paraphrased quote). Be Blessed!

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